Brilliant article about the Art of Business and the Business of Art

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I just read a great article by Kristen Lamb on her blog, called The Art of Business and the Business of Art. It was all about readers and writers and social media. I was so impressed, I felt I had to mention it on my own blog. Plus I might get a free critique. But, no, I really was impressed.

The picture has nothing to do with the article. I couldn’t find one that was relevant, and I thought this one was pretty. It’s somewhere in Tasmania, I think.

Do yourself a favour and click on the link! 🙂


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I write sexy romances, and have had many published - one with Cobblestone Press (called "Lies and Seduction"), one called "Unexpected Places" and published by Escape Publishing, and several published by myself - "Tempting the Billionaire", "How to Deal With a Surprise Penis", and "A Bubbly Holiday".
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