Sex Writer’s Confessions!

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Got you in, didn’t I? šŸ™‚


I’m on AusRomToday’s Blog.


(And don’t forget – you can win cash!


But here’s a sneak peak of the interview.

Unexpected_Final (300)Victoria

AUSSIE MONTH with V.K. Black


Describe yourself in one word:


What is your background with regard to writing?
None, really, other than being good at English at school. Some excruciating poetry in my early twenties due to ratfink boyfriends. Then one day, I decided to become a romance writer with a sexy edge, and promptly submitted my masterpieces. Rejections came back with astonishing speed. I investigated the craft of writing. Iā€™m still learning of course, as is any writer, but my submissions are starting to be accepted now.


For the whole interview, go to AusRomToday.

About V.K. Black

I write sexy romances, and have had many published - one with Cobblestone Press (called "Lies and Seduction"), one called "Unexpected Places" and published by Escape Publishing, and several published by myself - "Tempting the Billionaire", "How to Deal With a Surprise Penis", and "A Bubbly Holiday".
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