Snippets from Victoria



How had she ever let that man have so much power over her? How could she have been so stupid? Well, never again. Next time…

She glanced up at the silent angels. There would be no next time. “Why can’t I get into Heaven?” she asked, suddenly remembering what Wilma had said when she’d first woken in this strange place.

For the first time, Wilma lost some of her brittle bossiness. “I’m sorry, Rose. You died before your time. You’re not due to go to Heaven for many, many years.”

“But it’s not that bad, love,” said Lily, in a ‘let’s-make-the-best-of-this’ tone, “You can go back to earth as a ghost and haunt that horrible Josh.” Her sweet face took on a ferocious expression, and she shook her chubby fist. “That violin girl was his fifteenth one, you know. Then, after forty years or so, you can get admitted into Heaven when it’s your proper time.” She beamed at Rose.

“No! I don’t want to see Josh again, ever, not for one day. Never mind for the next umpteen years.” Rose shook her head in desperation as she pictured her future. “Please, there must something else. I’ll do anything.”

You can purchase Heavenly Revenge from Secret Cravings, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Bookstrand and ARe.

About V.K. Black

I write sexy romances, and have had many published - one with Cobblestone Press (called "Lies and Seduction"), one called "Unexpected Places" and published by Escape Publishing, and several published by myself - "Tempting the Billionaire", "How to Deal With a Surprise Penis", and "A Bubbly Holiday".
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